The BLOCK Wall System is comprised of Range and
Range 4 x 4 sections that stack together to form a wall of
arrow-stopping friction foam! Built specifically for indoor range use,
both The Range and the new Range 4 x 4 sit side-by-side,
eliminating seams in the middle of lanes.
They also work great as stand-alone outdoor range targets.

“... With the mobility of
our BLOCK® Wall System,
a father and son can be shooting at 30 yards and
10 yards on the same line. People like shooting into
the BLOCK® so well they
have to take a BLOCK®
Target home!”

“My BLOCK® Target Wall System looks great even
after years of tournaments
and leagues. You get durability, easy arrow
removal and no clean up.
It’s the best purchase we
ever made.”

“In 24 years of pro-shop experience, The BLOCK®
is the best backstop system
I have used. It really can
take a pounding.”

Kyle Kennimer,
La Crosse Archery
– Onalaska, WI

Larry Roberts,
Gismos & Gadgets
– Mason City, IA

Jeff Mueller,
Badgerland Archery
– Portage, WI