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It stops arrows with ease by giving them a squeeze.
The BLACK HOLE is made of "open," unglued layers of a special high density foam that are compressed and held together by metal bands. The layers stop your arrow by squeezing the shaft.




It's long-lasting (thanks to its layered design)
Because your arrow slides between foam layers, instead of punching through a solid mass, the target incurs minimal damage and will last a long time. And, because the foam is self-healing, it will take a lot of broadhead shots, too.

Its horizontal shape better resembles big game
The BLACK HOLE was specifically designed to take the horizontal shape of a big game animal so your practice sessions better prepare you for the moment of truth.

Arrow removal is easy
Open layered targets offer the easiest arrow removal.

You can shoot field tips, broadheads or expandables on aluminum or carbon arrows
The BLACK HOLE will take whatever you want to shoot, from even the fastest bows. The foam is self-healing for maximum broadhead and expandable durability.

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"I take my BLACK HOLE with me wherever I go. It's nice to take a shot or two before I head to my stand."
Dan Warczok
Cohocton, NY