1) It stops arrows with ease by giving them a squeeze. - The BLACK HOLE is made of "open," unglued layers of a special high density foam that are compressed and held together by metal bands. The layers stop your arrow by squeezing the shaft.

2) It's long-lasting (thanks to its layered design). - Because your arrow slides between foam layers, instead of punching through a solid mass, the target incurs minimal damage and will last a long time. And, because the foam is self-healing, it will take a lot of broadhead shots, too.

3) NEW STAR DESIGN for 2007. - By adding multiple Star design we ensured that the target will last longer. We also made the stars different sizes to add multiple skill levels.

4) Arrow removal is easy. - Open layered targets offer the easiest arrow removal.

5) You can shoot field tips, broadheads or expandables on aluminum or carbon arrows.
- The BLACK HOLE will take whatever you want to shoot, from even the fastest bows.
The foam is self-healing for maximum broadhead and expandable durability

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