Field Tip and Broadhead Target
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Takes Thousands of Shots Takes Thousands of Shots
The BLOCK is the most durable target on the market. It will take thousands of broadhead shots and tens of thousands of field tip shots!
Stops the fastest arrows Stops the fastest arrows
The BLOCK will stop even the fastest (300 fps+) arrows and will continue to stop them throughout the life of the target
One handed arrow removal One handed arrow removal
Whether you shoot broadheads or field tips, arrow removal from The BLOCK is extremely easy. One hand is all it takes!
Use broadheads and field tips Use broadheads and field tips
The BLOCK is the only target that stops both broadheads and field tips. Thanks to the layered design, the blades on expandable broadheads won't break off!
Turn on side for elevated shooting Turn on side for elevated shooting
When shooting from elevated positions or close range, turn The BLOCK on its side so layers are vertical. Arrows will slide between layers instead of puncturing them.
Portable, free-standing, waterproof Portable, free-standing, waterproof
The BLOCK is a portable target that requires no hanging or propping up. It's waterproof, which means it won't freeze or become waterlogged.

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