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 *Key rut dates for every state, compiled from state DNR, 
Whitetail Experts and other Whitetail Deer Authorities! 


Views on the rut by 3 top authorities on deer behavior . . . 

Charles Alscheimer, Field Editor, Deer & Deer Hunting

"Breeding for approximately 70% of the whitetail doe population occurs between 7 and 21 days following the second full moon after the fall equinox.  A sure-fire way to know that breeding has begun is when scraping activity appears to have ceased.  This is because bucks have abandoned their normal travel patterns and have no time to scrape with estrus does to service."

Charles Alsheimer
Field Editor
Deer & Deer Hunting magazine

Jeff Murray - Whitetail Expert, Columnist, Bowhunting World

"The moon can tell hunters when to use estrus scents . . . and when not to.  They key is determining the stages of the rut.  The week just prior to the new moon (and again just after it) is when a buck's nose works overtime to locate does in heat."

Jeff Murray
Whitetail Expert
Bowhunting World magazine

John Ozoga - Certified Wildlife Biologist, Research Editor, Deer & Deer Hunting

"The whitetail deer's breeding season, or rut, can be viewed as a "window of opportunity' that is rigidly controlled by photoperiod."

John Ozoga
Certified Wildlife Biologist
Research Editor
Deer & Deer Hunting magazine

Do you know when the rut is in your area?

Click here - The KISScents Rut Reference Guide will help you!

 Deer & Deer Hunting magazine's 1998 survey 
 found that
87%of all deer hunters use 
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