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 When should I use each scent? 

 The KISScents Hunting calendar makes that easy . . . 

 The calendar, combined with our Rut Reference Guide 
 give you the critical information you need to 
 increase your odds of attracting whitetails! 

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KISScents Hunting Calendar

If you want further information about any of our scents, 
click the product on the calendar that you are interested in.  

Need to know when the rut begins in your area?

Click here for the KISScents Rut Reference Guide

Click on scent names to find out more about each scent . . . Move your mouse across the gray bar at the bottom of the calendar to learn about deer behavior during each phase . . .

Late summer feeding patterns are ending . . .

Bucks are more reclusive . . . Rubbing activity increasing . . . Bucks working scrape lines . . . Chase phase in full swing . . . Breeding begins . . . Secondary rut as unbred does come back into estrus . . . Winter feeding patterns begin
Move your mouse over the bar above to learn about deer behavior during each phase!

Click on products for hints on how to use each most effectively. . .

Click here to learn more about All Season Trail-Bait!#1 Trail Bait

All season, non-sexual blend of attractants, musks and cover scents that attract and intrigue all deer.  Perfect for funneling random deer movement and stopping them in your shooting lanes.

Trophy Hunters! Click here to find out more about Buck-In-Rut#2 Buck In Rut

Dominant buck urine designed strictly for trophy buck hunters during a short period of the pre-rut (when bucks are actively marking territories with rubs and scrapes).  NOTE: Used at the wrong time, this scent will not work for you.

Click here to learn about Pure Heat (For the rut)#3 Pure Heat

The rut - prime time for doe in heat urine - when bucks abandon reclusive behavior to search for does.  Pure Heat is undiluted doe urine taken at the peak of the estrus cycle, to attract all bucks during the late pre-rut and rut.

Keep It Simple . . . Three Seasons . . . Three Scents . . . 

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KISScents, Keep It Simple Scents


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