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KISScents - Keep It Simple Scents

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KISScents, Keep It Simple Scents

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GROUND COVER masks odor and calms deer

KISScents Ground Cover is a unique blend of earth scents designed to mask human odor and hide all signs of intrusion.  Carefully selected musks and a special blending agent help mellow the scent and give it a soothing appeal that calms all deer.  Use it alone or with KISScents 1, 2 or 3.

Using the wrong scent at the wrong time is the biggest mistake hunters make.  It can literally decrease your chances of success.

KISScents eliminates the guesswork by showing you how and when to use our scents.  Find out when the rut occurs in your area with our Rut Reference Guide.

Then refer to the KISScents Hunting Calendar 
to make scent selection as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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Flash Cans reflective scent containers used with KISScents products help you find your scent immediately, to minimize the risk of deer becoming accustomed to the smell.


KISScents, Keep It Simple Scents

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KISScents, Keep It Simple Scents

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KISScents, Keep It Simple Scents



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