Introducing . . .
The GlenDel Buck - Layered Foam Archery Target, by the makers of The BLOCK - Click here to order !

The GlenDel Buck - Click here for full size image !

Friction Foam "H" - Back Layers give you lots of options !
Locking Layers 
give you lots of options . . .

What you need to know about the GlenDel™ Buck:

  • The GlenDel Buck was sculpted and designed by wildlife artist/deer hunter, Mike Carlson.  It features a 150" B&C rack and a body size that corresponds to a 150lb. (live weight) deer

  • The extra-large insert uses the same Friction Foam™ that is used in The BLOCK;™ think of the insert as a mini BLOCK target !  Use any type of arrow - field tips, broadheads, expandables, even cross bow bolts

  • Arrow removal is easy (up to 3.4 times easier than other 3-D targets)

  • Long lasting; because arrows slide between the open layers of foam, there is minimal damage

  • The layers that make up the insert that comes with the GlenDel Buck are made out of the same Friction Foam that is used in The BLOCK target.  These layers are H-shaped so they lock into place and can't pull out. As they get shot out, you have 3 options:   Rotate ~ Reposition ~ Replace

  • The 3-D deer itself is made of polyurethane foam and functions just like other premium 3-D targets

  • The head of the GlenDel™ Buck is easily removed for compact storage

  • The GlenDel™ Buck sets up just like other 3-D targets: the two "legs" house conduit posts which set over rebar rods (included)


Encapsulated Inserts - Vitals and Scoring

Vitals Encapsulated Insert
  ASA Encapsulated Insert
  IBO Encapsulated Insert
Marked on Two Sides for Twice the Life!   Original Layered Design!   Made with our Exclusive Layered Friction Foam!



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