How the GlenDel Buck Works

It's easy . . . Just remember the 3 L's - 
Load, Lower & Lock !

The GlenDel Buck - Click here for full size image !     The GlenDel Buck - Layered Foam Archery Target, by the makers of The BLOCK - Click here to order !  
LOAD Chamber with Friction Foam "H" - Back Layers . . .




LOAD chamber with our exclusive Friction Foam "H"- Backô Locking Layers ( The "H" shaped design  holds layers securely in place so insert won't pull out )  
LOWER the compression Lever to Secure . . .





LOWER the Compression Leverô to secure and compress the "H"- Backô layers in place


LOCK with easy to use Grasping Pin . . . and You're Ready To Shoot !




LOCK - Insert the easy-to-grasp locking pin to lock down the Compression Leverô and you're ready to shoot!  

Friction Foam "H" - Back Layers give you many options !
Locking Layers 
give you lots of options . . .


Once they're shot out, "H"- Backô Locking Layers give you 3 options . . . 


Encapsulated Inserts - Vitals and Scoring

Vitals Encapsulated Insert
  ASA Encapsulated Insert
  IBO Encapsulated Insert
Marked on Two Sides for Twice the Life!   Our Original Layered Design!   Made with our Exclusive Layered Friction Foam!




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