DeerCals Famous Whitetail Deer Decals
Famous Whitetail window decals

Illustrated by wildlife artist

Three DeerCals available
(one per package)

DeerCals Artist, Mike Carlson
Artist Mike Carlson with the Rath Buck and the 
first in his series of "Life Size Legends" paintings

The James Rath Buck

The Rath Buck
The buck with what many consider the most impressive rack ever - it's got exceptional mass, an imposing spread (25 6/8") and lots of points (19).  Click here for story details and larger image

The Hole In The Horn Buck

DeerCals are:

  • Easy to apply - takes less than one minute

  • No tools required - simply apply with your fingers or a credit card

  • Made of durable, weather-resistant vinyl - 
    won't peel off

  • Perfect for truck windows, topper windows, campers, RV's, etc.
  • DeerCals are available in two sizes:   

    Small  -  7" high
    Large  - 12" high 


The Hole-In-The-Horn Buck
Perhaps the world's most famous deer, the Hole-In-The-Horn buck's distinctive antlers have 45 points and a 33 inch spread!  Click here for story details and larger image

The Wayne Bills Buck

The Wayne Bills Buck
People still wonder if this 1974 typical buck would have held the world record.  It scored an incredible 201 4/8 nearly two decades after it was shot.  Click here for story details and larger image

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