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Click Here To See The Full Size Wayne Bills Buck DeerCalThe Bills Buck
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The Legendary 1974 typical that just might have held the world record for 20 years.

A debate still rages in quiet Hamilton County, Iowa over the world-record buck that never was.  The Wayne Bills Buck is less known today for how big it is, but for how big it might have been.

In the fall of 1974, some buddies took Wayne Bills out to the woods just north of Des Moines to tag his first deer - and undoubtedly his most impressive.  His trophy was an Iowa record, but never entered in Boone and Crockett... until it was rediscovered nearly two decades later with an official score of 201 4/8.

Fueling the talk in Hamilton County (and the rest of the hunting world) is that this buck might have been a world record for 20 years had fate dealt its hand differently.  If the broken left brow tine - presumably damaged during the hunt - had been intact and had there not been two decades of shrinkage before it was officially measure, the original score might have reached as high as 209!

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