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Why have a generic decal on your truck or RV 
when you can have a DeerCal with a famous big buck?

Click Here To See The Full Size Larry Raveling Buck DeerCalThe Raveling Buck
(282 0/8 non-typical)

Click Here To See The Full Size Larry Raveling Buck DeerCal

The former #2 non-typical commonly known as Old "Rag Horn" sports a typical-looking rack.

Larry Raveling missed this Iowa monster as a nineteen year old, first year hunter.  As the buck approached, during a drive, it had a white rag tangled in its antlers - thus the name Old Rag Horn.

On the first drive of the next season's opening day, a fellow hunter missed the big buck at close range.  On the subsequent drive, Raveling came over a rise and spotted a deer in some cover.  Upon detecting antlers, he shot what would turn out to be the 29 point non-typical with a 24 3/8" inside spread and remarkably even drop tines.  Only a broken point kept it from becoming the world's largest non-typical.

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