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Why have a generic decal on your truck or RV
when you can have a DeerCal with a famous big buck?

Click Here To See The Full Size James Rath Buck DeerCalThe Rath Buck
(231 2/8 non-typical)

Click Here To See The Full Size James Rath Buck DeerCal

This rack has it all!

Height, mass, points, spread... but most of all, beauty.

In central Minnesota, near the town of Winthrop, this beautiful non-typical grew to massive proportions feeding on the crops of the 350-acre Rath family farm.

On the second day of Minnesota's two-day November gun season, Jim Rath and a friend posted a 300-yard grove of trees while Jim's father and another friend conducted a drive.  The monster buck crashed past Jim who shot him from just 20 yards away.

As if the rack wasn't impressive enough, officials determined the deer to be only 3 1/2 years old; meaning it hadn't yet reached its prime.  Still, the rack already had 19 points and a spread that measured 25 6/8 inches, which gave it a truly impressive 231 2/8 net non-typical score.

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