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Click Here To See The Full Size Jordan Buck DeerCalThe Jordan Buck
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Click Here To See The Full Size Jordan Buck DeerCal

It took 64 years for Jim Jordan to get official credit for the Wisconsin super deer he bagged in 1914 . . .

On November 20, 1914, Jim Jordan emptied his Winchester at a huge buck he'd tracked in fresh snow near Danbury, Wisconsin.  An oncoming train had startled the buck out of its bed, affording Jordan his opportunity.  He tracked the wounded buck to where it crossed a river and, with his one extra shell, dropped the buck in its tracks.  Close to his farm and without the knife he'd lent to his hunting partner, he left for help.  When they came back, the buck was gone.  They later found it hung up on a rock down the river, where it made a last ditch attempt to escape.  But this was just the beginning . . .

Jordan arranged to have a nearby taxidermist mount the buck.  The taxidermist moved and Jordan wouldn't see the deer again until 1964, six years after his distant cousin bought the head in a Minnesota rummage sale for $3.00.  And, because his cousin didn't believe him, it wasn't until after his death in 1978 (and much effort) that Jordan would be recognized as the rightful hunter.

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