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Why have a generic decal on your truck or RV
when you can have a DeerCal with a famous big buck?

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(328 2/8 non-typical) Click Here To See The Full Size Hole-In-The-Horn Buck DeerCal

A massive spread and 45 points make this buck the #2 non-typical record-book buck.

This famous Ohio non-typical caused quite a stir in the early 1980's when it was "discovered" in an Ohio bar where it had hung since the early 1940's.

It has 45 points, a spread of 33 inches, and an official net non-typical score of 328 2/8 making it the second largest non-typical rack ever recorded.

Few people know that this deer was not killed by a hunter, but, rather, got its antlers entangled in a chain-link fence.  As it struggled to free itself, a sharp wire in the fence impaled the antler, leaving the hole for which the deer is best known.

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