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Click Here To See The Full Size John Breen Buck DeerCalThe Breen Buck
(202 0/8 typical)

Click Here To See The Full Size John Breen Buck DeerCal

Many still consider this Minnesota buck, bagged in 1918, to be the best typical ever.

In November 1918, Bemidji, Minnesota store clerk, John Breen, accepted an invitation to hunt with a customer who lived a 30 mile train ride north of town.  As the story goes, Breen was about to shoot a buck chasing several does when this monster suddenly appeared.  Breen felled the big buck with his 30/30 and began the task of transporting the deer home via train and then horse and wagon.  The rack was so wide (26 7/8" outside spread) it barely fit through the front door.  A taxidermist would later offer Breen $50 (a half month's wages) for the rack, but Breen turned him down.

It wasn't until after Breen's death in 1947 that Boone & Crockett introduced their scoring system.  When the family had the buck measured (it grossed 215 0/8 but had many deductions for non-typical points) it became the world record typical until the Jordan Buck emerged in 1964.

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