"Nothing comes close to The BLOCK Wall System.
Mine takes 15,000 shots per week and lasts 2-3 years.
That's 1.2 - 1.8 million shots . . . 
without maintenance!"

Jerry King
Owner, King Archery
Burnsville, MN

Dear Archery Range Operator,

Think about the problems you've experienced with your range targets over the years. . .

Bag targets tend to sag and bloat, and cover replacement costs can really add up.  Buffalo boards and excelsior bales make a huge mess and require almost constant maintenance.  Plus, these targets raise air quality and health concerns due to the airborne particles they generate.

Traditional targets result in pass-throughs, particularly with today's incredibly fast bows that shoot more than 300 fps.  Lost tips and difficult arrow removal are further problems that make an impact on customer satisfaction.  Plus, none of these targets are designed for broadhead practice (which is critical to effective hunting accuracy).

What would you say to a range system that solved all these problems?  And what if this system also helped you make money?

There is an answer!  It's The BLOCK Wall System . . .
And it's going to revolutionize the way you do business.

The BLOCK lasts longer.  It's maintenance free and incredibly wear-resistant.  It handles the fastest arrows - with field tips or broadheads.  And, unlike traditional targets that are a business expense, The BLOCK is a revenue generator!

Best of all, The BLOCK Wall System is available just by calling 1-800-BUC-HUNT!

Without a doubt The BLOCK
is the best target we've ever had . . .
Our target sales have more than tripled
since we put in The BLOCK!"

Don Folsom
Owner, Don's Archery
Excelsior Springs, MO

5-time Bowhunter
Indoor National Champion

The BLOCK Wall System lasts longer, saves you money and gives your customers what they want!

Traditional targets stop arrows by "absorbing" their impact - eventually causing the target to deteriorate.  The BLOCK Wall System combines hundreds of compressed layers of exclusive Friction Foam and a patented process that "grabs" the arrow shaft as it slides between the layers - almost eliminating target wear.

Layered design stands up to significant range use
The BLOCK Wall System is simply the most durable range system on the market.  It withstands thousands of broadhead impacts and hundreds of thousands of field tip shots, which means you'll ultimately save money when compared to other range targets.

Independent testing confirms that The BLOCK outperforms other targets
We turned The BLOCK over to leading pro shops for some "real world" tests.  They found that an individual BLOCK Range target can easily withstand more than 150,000 field tip shots!

We also sent BLOCK "Pro" targets to the industry's finest bow companies, broadhead manufacturers and industry writers for independent tests.  The "Pro" model is a smaller 22" X 22 X 18" personal target with the same characteristics as the "Range" model.  Collectively, our field testers found that the "Pro" could take more than 25,000 field tip shots or up to 5,000 broadhead shots, even with today's high-performance bows and lightweight arrows.

These results prove that The BLOCK with its layered Friction Foam construction,  is the most durable target on the market.

"I have at least 2,000 shots into The BLOCK --
all with broadheads.  It still easily stops every arrow . . .
and I'm shooting over 300 fps."

Joel Maxfield
General Manager
Mathews, Inc.

Stops even the fastest arrow (300+ fps)
The BLOCK Wall system will stop any arrow, even today's super-fast carbons -- with or without broadheads!  And, it will stop them for the entire life of the target, without pass-throughs.

Promote broadhead shooting to set yourself apart (and make more money)
It's common knowledge that broadheads fly differently than field tips.  So as the hunting season approaches, bow hunters scramble to find a place to tune their bows to their broadheads.  Now you can answer that demand by setting up the designated broadhead lanes available at a premium hourly rate.  The hunters will pay it and The BLOCK Wall System will handle it!

"It's as good a target as I've used
in 30 years of hunting."

Charles Alsheimer
Field Editor
Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine

Easy, one-handed arrow removal for your customers
Other targets make your customers struggle to remove arrows, which can cause lost tips, bent arrows and fatigue (that affects shooting).  The BLOCK Wall System's Friction Foam releases arrows effortlessly, whether tipped with target points, standard broadheads or expandables.

"This target has amazing stopping power
and easy arrow removal"

Greg Miller
Outdoor Writer

Attractive, modular design matches the size of your range
Each "Range" section of The BLOCK Wall System is perfectly sized for one shooting lane.  So, no matter how many lanes you offer, you can customize the system to meet your needs.  Plus, The BLOCK is very attractive and doesn't shed debris on your floor.  The result is a clean, professional range that customers feel comfortable visiting.

Each "Range" target weighs only 65 pounds
Many archery range targets are heavy.  In fact, they can be too heavy for one person to handle alone.  The BLOCK is different.  At just 65 pounds, anyone can easily move and install our "Range" target.

Dual sided for twice the life span
When one side of The BLOCK Wall System wears out (and that takes a long time), simply flip the sections around to the fresh side.

Turn The BLOCK on its side for elevated shooting
If your range offers elevated "tree stand" shooting, simply turn The BLOCK on its side so the layers are vertical.  This allows arrows to slide between two layers (instead of puncturing down through several) and will increase target life.

Generate revenue with The BLOCK personal targets
After shooting into The BLOCK Wall System, your customers will want the same performance for their back yard practice.  And you can give it to them by offering The BLOCK as a retail item.  In fact, many range operators report that their retail BLOCK sales more than pay for their entire Wall System!  Choose from a variety of popular sizes:

Click here for Sizes and Retail Prices
(Call 1-800-BUC-HUNT with your tax i.d. number for dealer pricing)

We'll provide the promotional tools
When you purchase The BLOCK Wall System, we give you the tools you need to promote your range and retail inventory - including a large range banner to let customers know what they're shooting and a promotional/informational video that you can play in your showroom.

To order The BLOCK Wall System call 1-800-BUC-HUNT

Best Regards,


Larry Pulkrabek
President, Field Logic Inc.
(Makers of "The BLOCK")


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