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Independent Testing done by Environ Labs

Independent Testing Proves The BLOCK is Superior!

Why do I need a durable Target with easy arrow removal that allows me to practice with both Fieldtips and Broadheads ...?

Here are just 3 reasons...


The BLOCK is more DURABLE! This will Never Happen with The BLOCK! Click here for BLOCK Features

12,691 field tip shots
without a single pass through!

...and still 3 More!

North American Hunting Club field testers gave The BLOCK a 100% approval rating!

Bowhunting World readers have chosen The BLOCK as their
"Favorite Target"!

The BLOCK was an Inside Archery Best Buy winner in 2002!

When it comes to Overall Target Performance,
Nothing Compares to The BLOCK!

No other Target combines field tip and broadhead durability with ease of arrow removal like The BLOCK!

The BLOCK allows you to Hunt with confidence!  Be assured that all of your Broadheads will fly the same as they did during practice.

Independent Testing Proves The BLOCK is Superior!

Why risk a poor shot at the trophy of a lifetime simply because your target could not take a Broadhead?

With The BLOCK, you can keep shooting Broadheads and Fieldtips all season long. 

Build confidence in your equipment.  Eliminate last-minute shooting problems.


Don't be Fooled by Glued-Layer Targets! 

Click Here to learn more about The BLOCK Other target manufacturers, presumably in an effort to get around The BLOCK Patent, have developed targets with layers that are glued together.  This gluing actually turns their layers right back into solid foam, which stops the arrows with force.  What's the Point?

We've Heard from Experts Everywhere!

"I need a target I can shoot hundreds of broadheads into without the target breaking down or having to be Hercules to pull my arrows.  The BLOCK is easily the best broadhead target I've ever used. "

Bob Robb, Outdoor Writer

"The best Broadhead Target I've ever Used!"

"Better than we Could have Imagined!"


"These targets are holding up better than we could have imagined after taking a tremendous pounding... "

Marv Hicks
Field Archery Rep.
Izaak Walton League of Arlington/Fairfax


"The Cadillac of layered or laminated broadhead targets is clearly The BLOCK.  It stops arrows smartly yet allows easy one-handed arrow removal."

Chuck Adams
"New Targets, Why They're Better"
North American Hunter


"The Cadillac of Targets!"

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NEW 4 X 4 SIZE!!!

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 Click here for info on The Block!


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