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 "I have at least 2,000 shots into The BLOCK™ --  
 All with broadheads!  
 It still easily stops every arrow . . . 
 and I'm shooting over 300 fps!"

 Joel Maxfield -- General Manager 
 Mathews, Inc.

The BLOCK™ is the only target that stops both
broadheads and field tips.  Aluminums, carbons, ACC's --
Shoot any arrow and at any speed...

The BLOCK™ will stop any 
arrow you throw at it, even 
today's super-fast carbons -- 
with or without broadheads!  

And -- it stops them for the
entire life of the target,
without pass-throughs!

Shoot Broadheads
Shoot Expandables
Shoot all Fieldtips

Thanks to the layered design,
 the blades on expandable
broadheads won't break off! 

Our exclusive Friction Foam™
layers will not bend aluminum
arrows like other layered 
material targets can.

Can you guess how many arrows
have been shot into this target?

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