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Which BLOCK Target is Right for You?

The BLOCK Layered Field Tip and Broadhead Targets
Order Now! The BLOCK targets are the most technologically advanced on the market.  Highly regarded and trusted publication sources such as Inside Archery, Bowhunting World, and North American Hunting Club have given exceptional ratings.  The reason? When arrows slide between the compressed layers of foam, this creates heat, causing the arrows to be stopped by friction, not force.   The patented "friction foam" literally grabs the arrow, stopping it with virtually no damage to the target, yet still allowing the arrow to be removed easily with one hand.  The foam is self-healing and stops any arrow, even Broadheads!  Scores of archers, range owners, and clubs now use nothing but The BLOCK.  Find The BLOCK target that fits your needs here! Order Now!
The BLOCK Portable Target
The BLOCK Hunter Target
The BLOCK Pro Target
The BLOCK Outfitter Target
18" x 18" x 14" / 18 lbs.
18" x 18" x 18" / 21 lbs.
21" x 21" x 18" / 30 lbs.
24" x 24" x 18" / 36 lbs.
Light and portable! Take it on hunting trips or keep it in the back of the truck.
A portable target that can go everywhere for the hard-core hunter!
For the sharp shooter! Perfect for back yard practice all year long.
Serious all season shooters love the Outfitter in the back yard & Hunting Camp.

The New BLOCK 4X4 gives you 4-sided shooting and 4 unique facings.

Posilock Compression System holds internal
open layers in place and eliminates "slivering"

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The BLOCK Bullseye Youth Target

Finally, a Layered Target with a Bullseye!

The Bullseye has a built in FITA more hassle with paper targets! This is the perfect target for schools and organizations such as 4H, Scouts, and Archery Clubs. Two wheel cart is also available.

The BLOCK Bullseye Youth Target
34" x 34" x 11" / 35 lbs.
The BLOCK Crossbow Target
18" x 18" x 14" / 22 lbs.

Crossbow Shooters -
Here's the target for you!

A brand new BLOCK target made specifically for crossbow shooters!


The BLOCK Range Wall System
Wall System

The durable, maintenance free  Range System with replaceable components.

Range -
48" x 28" x 18" / 75 lbs

Range 4X4 - 
48" x 48" x 18" / 135 lbs

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