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The Block Wall System Pays for Itself...

The BLOCK Range Wall System

"My BLOCK Wall Target System lasts longer, offers easy arrow removal, requires no clean-up and takes broadheads!"

Don Fromm, Oak Ridge Archery- St. Peter, MN

Here's How !

Step 1: Order The Block Wall System.  Measure your wall and we will customize your system to fit perfectly.
Step 2: Offer broadhead tuning...enjoy the benefits (and profits) of more hunters coming into your store!
Step 3: Be ready for the increase in sales you will see of consumer BLOCK Targets.  After shooting into your revolutionary wall system, archers are sold on the technology and want a target they can take with them.
Step 4: Turn your wall sections around for even longer life!
Step 5: Sell your used target sections!  When it is time to replace a section in your BLOCK Wall System, sell it to a favorite customer.  Your customer will thank you forever for their free standing, weatherproof, maintenance free back yard target.
Step 6: To order your brand new sections, use the profits you've gained from new and more frequent customers, increased sales, and the sale of used sections!

We've heard from Range Owners all over the United States...

"Best range target around.  We use 2 range targets for broadheads and they are working out real well.  We were able to steal another shop's leagues because we shoot The BLOCK." 

Al Loveland, Loveland Archery - Lake Geneva, WI

"We have used every target known to mankind and now we only use
 The  BLOCK!

Jack  D'Ambrosio,  The  Archery  Shop - Albuquerque,  NM

"We love them, no complaints.  Once our customers shoot into them they sell themselves!

Jerry Eversmeyer, Kinsey's Outdoors - Mount Joy, PA


Products from the maker of The BLOCK
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NEW 4 X 4 SIZE!!!
The BLOCK Range System!
The GlenDel 3D Buck Target
The BLOCK Bullseye Youth Target
 The BLOCK Range System!
The GlenDel 3D Buck Target
 The BLOCK Bullseye Youth Target

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