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The BLOCK Features

Any Arrow, Any Speed!     

Any arrow, carbon, graphite or aluminum, even broadheads!


The BLOCK  will stop any arrow, carbon, graphite or aluminum, from even the fastest bows!  Broadheads INCLUDED!

Our exclusive "Friction Foam" layers will not bend aluminum arrows like other layered targets can because arrows to enter the target without puncturing. 

"I have at least 2,000 shots into The BLOCK, all with broadheads!  It still easily stops every arrow...and I'm shooting over 300 fps!"

    Joel Maxfield, General Manager - Mathews, Inc.


Extreme Arrow
Stopping Durability!


The BLOCK Pro model with 12, 691 shots
12, 691 fieldtip shots in this
Pro model BLOCK


When arrows slide between the compressed layers of foam, this creates heat, causing the arrows to be stopped by friction, not force.   Our patented "friction foam" literally grabs the arrow, stopping it with virtually no damage to the target, 

The foam is self-healing and stops ("grabs") any arrow, even Broadheads!  Scores of archers, range owners, and clubs now use nothing but open layered targets.

 "For eight years I've been looking for a target that would last...The BLOCK is the best target ever made."


Mike Herrera, Owner -  Southwest Archery


Easy, One Hand Arrow Removal!    

Easy One Handed Arrow Removal!

Whether you shoot broadheads or field tips, arrow removal from The Block is extremely easy.  One hand is all it takes

In most cases, broadheads are actually the easiest to remove!

"This target has amazing stopping power and easy arrow removal!"


Greg Miller, Outdoor Writer



Portable, Freestanding, and Weatherproof!   


The BLOCK open layer fieldtip and broadhead archery target

  The BLOCK goes anywhere and does not require hanging or propping up.

All materials, from the "Friction Foam" to our DuraWrap Outer Skin are waterproof, so they won't waterlog or freeze.

Even our smallest size is light enough to tote around, yet sturdy enough to be freestanding!

"I recommend The BLOCK to all Bowhunters.  It's durable and weather resistant.  I like to shoot my broadheads best, they are easy to pull out.  I think it's a great product and everyone should have one."


Dennis Erickson, Pro Staff - Outdoors MN



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