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The BLOCK Fieldtip and Broadhead Archery Target
Bullseye Youth Target
The Bullseye has a built in FITA more hassle with paper targets!

The BLOCK Bullseye Youth Target

34" x 34" x 11" / 35 lbs.

This is the perfect target for schools and organizations like 4H, Scouts, and Archery Clubs!

More Exciting Features!

A Handy Two Wheel Stand

The BLOCK Bullseye with stand


The new BLOCK Bullseye is even more portable with this sturdy, yet lightweight stand with wheels.  Transporting the target is safe, simple, and easy!!

Are you a School or other Non-Profit Organization?  Call 1-800-282-4868 to take advantage of our Special Discount Plan!

Our renowned durable design
with easy arrow removal

The BLOCK Bullseye layered target

  Our patented "open layer" design stops arrows with friction, not force.  The arrow slides between compressed layers of foam which creates heat and friction that literally "grabs" the arrow, stopping it with virtually no damage to the target!

Are you a School or other Non-Profit Organization?  Call 1-800-282-4868 to take advantage of our Special Discount Plan!

The Bullseye Youth Target is not designed for bows over 40 lbs.

Exceptional Customer Reviews!

"These targets are convenient because there are no target faces to replace and no paper mess to clean up because the target is permanent. "

Dan Burks, Instructor
Department of Exercise and Sports Science
Maharishi University of Mangagement

"No paper Mess!"

"Portable and Affordable!"
  "We were searching for a portable and affordable target for the 4H Shooting Sports Archery program. We found what we were looking for in the BLOCK Bullseye. It's light enough to be moved by an adult or a couple of kids... "

Lynn Freese, Instructor
Scout County Shooting Sports

"These targets are holding up better than we could have imagined after taking a tremendous pounding... "

Marv Hicks
Field Archery Rep.
Izaak Walton League of Arlington/Fairfax

"Better than we
could have Imagined!"


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The BLOCK Bullseye Youth Target
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