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The BLOCK open layer fieldtip and broadhead archery target
Wall System

Range / Range 4 x 4

The BLOCK Field Tip and Broadhead Target that has

Lasts longer than any other target!


The BLOCK Wall System is comprised of Range and Range 4 x 4 sections that stack together to form a wall of arrow-stopping friction foam!  

Built specifically for indoor range use, both The Range and the new Range 4 x 4
sit side by side, eliminating seams in the middle of lanes. 


They also work great as stand alone outdoor range targets.

Range:  48" x 28" x 18" / 75 lbs.

NEW SIZE! Range 4 x 4:  48" x 48" x 18" / 135 lbs.


Nothing Compares to The BLOCK
for ease of Arrow Removal and Arrow Stopping Durability!

Any arrow, any speed!

The BLOCK Wall System will stop any arrow, carbon, graphite or aluminum, from even the fastest bows!  Broadheads INCLUDED!

Our patented "Friction Layer" design allows arrows to enter the target without puncturing.  THERE'S NO CLEAN UP, and thanks to the layered design, arrow removal is EASY!

The foam is self-healing.  The arrow slides between compressed layers of foam, which creates heat and friction that literally "grabs" the arrow, stopping it with virtually no damage to the target. 

Range Owners Report that

The BLOCK Wall System Pays for Itself!

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NEW 4 X 4 SIZE!!!

The GlenDel 3D Buck Target
The BLOCK Bullseye Youth Target
 The BLOCK Range System!
The GlenDel 3D Buck Target
 The BLOCK Bullseye Youth Target

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